The Future of Decentralized Financial Governance

StakerDAO is a platform for governing financial assets in a decentralized, secure, and compliant manner.

STKR, the governance token for StakerDAO, is built on a newly developed GOV.1 token standard on Tezos. STKR tokens are decentralized, secure and compliant with required entities.

STKR holders have primary responsibilities of submitting proposal ideas and electing members of the Staker Council.

Staker Governance

Staker Council

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The five-member Staker Council governs decisions about the various assets that StakerDAO manages using the Staker Agora governance process.

Council members are elected annually through a Tezos on-chain vote of STKR tokens.

Staker Ops Team

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The Staker Ops Team has two primary responsibilities: they solicit and develop proposals for the Staker Council to vote on, and they implement proposals approved by the Staker Council.

These proposals may pertain to the management of the existing StakerDAO asset portfolio as well as the launch of new financial products by StakerDAO.

Staker Agora Governance Cycle

StakerDAO has applied the GOV.1 token standard to the Tezos Agora process to yield Staker Agora, a transparent month-long governance cycle where new proposals are presented, discussed, voted on, and implemented.
  1. Phase 1: Proposal (Days 1-7)
    Staker Ops Team posts a proposal on Staker Agora.
  2. Phase 2: Evaluation (Days 8 – 14)
    Discussion and evaluation of proposal on the Staker Agora discussion forum.
  3. Phase 3: Voting (Days 15 – 21)
    The five Staker Council members vote on the proposal. A quorum of three votes is required to pass a proposal with a simple majority of votes.
  4. Phase 4: Implementation (Days 22 – 28)
    If approved, the Staker Ops Team executes the proposal.

StakerDAO will launch and manage a growing collection of decentralized finance products, all secured by the Staker Agora governance process.

STKR token holders submit suggestions and participate in project discussions. The Staker Ops Team serves as the R&D arm of the Staker Council and will package the best community selected ideas into formal proposals for governance.

The Staker Ops Team is currently researching and evaluating leading layer 1 PoS protocols and other synthetic products. StakerDAO anticipates announcing its first financial governance projects in early 2020.

StakerDAO Leadership and Partners

Jonas Lamis
Founder and CEO
Christian Arita
Ops Team Lead
Pat Ellisen
Legal and Compliance Lead
Legal and Compliance
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